2017 Nevada Homestead Trip

Hello all,

It has taken a while to make time to write this, well our trip out to Nevada was one of the worst trips we have ever taken in our marriage.


This happened 1.5 miles from the property (Broken Driveshaft). We took the wrong route to the land trying to avoid as much of the moutains as we could, nope that didn’t work out. Burned the brakes up on the Trailer and the Truck. First time I have ever tried to stop a vehicle and had no brakes, that is how I burned the Trailer brakes up.


This is fueling after coming down off of the moutain and cooling the brakes off along with a 2 hour trip through being about 6 hours but we survived.

As always we have our dogs with us and Miss Taylor is her laid back self and our new pup Tanx has to always have the attention.


This made for an interesting trip. We didn’t get as much done at the land as we wanted, yes you guessed it it took us 5 days to get there instead of 3 long trip. You know though the best paret of the trip was being away from work and spending some great quality time with my best friend JoAnn.



So on the way back we had to replace the alternator and Battery thank goodness it failed while in a town that had a Auto Parts store. We bought those items, replaced and got back on the road. Click for photo’s


LONNIE & JO’s First Post

Hello all we are going to start logging our progress at the land and start some You Tube video’s. Some of the products we are using and how they are working. We will try to keep the long video’s down to training or review only. We will not instruct on use because I find it personally degradding to get something taught to me that I know I just want to see how they are being used. Diagrams or pictures will be provided. Next scheduled visit to the land will be Mid August 2017 detailes to follow. If anyone would like to come out and help contact us.

Goals this year:

Setting up Solar, water and cabin.

Thanks Lonnie & Jo